April 7, 2016

Top Trending OKCPS Searches and Their Classroom Impact

Great news!  The top trending search terms from the OKCPS web-browsing filter (iBoss) are educational and include:

  •  “youtube”
  •  “cool math games”
  •  “pbs kids”
  • “think through math”
  •  “unblocked games”
 … just to name a few!

So what does this reveal about our students?  They like videos and games (shocking, we know).  Our students want to play and learn!

The data also reveals a need to teach effective online searching.  Instead of going directly to a website, the top 20 trending OKCPS searches included:
  • “youtube”
  •  “youtube.com”
  •  “google”
  • “google.com”
  • “okcps.org”
If students are searching for these URLs rather than entering them directly in the address bar, we can guess they are not using many advanced search features, such as filters and Boolean rules….. not yet at least!

Inspired Next Steps:

Let kids play and learn! 
Teach 21st Century search features and techniques!

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