April 14, 2016

Creative & Inspiring Library Media Specialists in OKCPS

OKCPS Library Media Specialists (LMS) are amazing!  They propel our students to become readers and technologists.  They also take on additional roles to support teaching and learning at their schools, and they do so in creative, unique ways!

Jennifer Lynch, LMS at John Marshall Mid-High, is developing a Reading for Donuts weekly incentive program for students.  She's created a Google Classroom (helpful blog post here) in which students can submit a "proof of reading" assignment.  
The assignment
gives students three options for the format of their submission.  Mrs. Lynch set clear, high expectations by creating examples for each option.  By reading then completing the assignment, students can earn a free donut (on Fridays).

Here are just a few more amazing things happening through the LMS staff within OKCPS: 
  • Keristy Nieto at Centennial leads Student Council and the Student Book Club.
  • Natalie Brittingham at Hayes uses Chromebooks to facilitate research projects during Library Time.
    Check out these student work examples: #1 and #2
  • Many serve as the school's Technology Site Coordinator, helping teachers add apps to iPads and manage devices. 
    Just to name a few:
    • John Allen - Linwood
    • Cathy Carlson - Emerson 
    • William Lynch - Hillcrest
    • Sarah Whitfield - U.S. Grant
    • Brenda Young - Rogers
If we spotlighted every amazing thing happening with each LMS in OKCPS, we'd run out of blog space!  So, if you are a Library Media Specialist, know we appreciate all you do!  If you are not a Library Media Specialist, take a moment to appreciate and collaborate with the one at your school.

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