March 8, 2016

Google Classroom

Classes throughout the district are doing their part to save the district money! Since the district is a Google Apps for Education district, Google Classroom is a tool available to everyone at an Oklahoma City Public School site. Google Classroom is a place where teachers can distribute assignments, communicate with the class, and stay organized. Teachers can quickly see which students have/have not completed assigned work and provide direct, real-time feedback to students. With Google Classroom, teachers are able to grade assignments and return them to students WITHOUT USING PAPER AND INK!

Ms. Luckert's 2nd graders at Eugene Field Elementary have been using Google Classroom. Ms. Luckert posts assignments in Google Classroom and when the students go to the computer lab, they are able to log in, find the assignment, and immediately get to work. No time is lost by passing out paper and verbally giving directions to the students. This gives the students more time to work on their assignment and gives the teacher more time to assist students on their assignment. When students complete the assignment, they turn it in through Google Classroom. Then, the teacher grades it and returns it to the student; NO PAPERS TO TAKE HOME TO GRADE!

Throughout the district, classes from PreK to 12th grade are using Google Classroom. Principals are also using this tool to keep staff informed of events and information and/or as a tool for book study discussions. If you are interested in learning more about using Google Classroom, take a look at the tutorials in Atomic Learning or contact your ETS Coach!

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