August 12, 2015

Google Forms: Surveys, Assessments and Data Collection Galore!

Google Forms is definitely one of my favorite Google Drive features, and I'm not the only one. Deanna Roach (@Sraroach), Coordinator of Secondary World Language, tweeted "Google Forms=best thing invented since Post-Its." If you're new to Forms, think of it as a way to create quick surveys for a wide variety of applications. Collecting parent data, assessing students, guided reading group data collection, exit tickets, rubrics, tracking student behavior... The possibilities are endless! The best part? The data is aggregated into a Google Sheet automatically for you! Here are some of the innovative and creative ways OKCPS teachers and administrators are using Google Forms.

Collecting Contact Information
Teachers at Shidler Elementary used Google Forms to collect parent contact information during Open House. How handy to have all parents' contact information accessible through Google Drive on any device, anytime, anywhere!

Student Assessments
From formative assessments to student interest surveys, you can quickly and easily create student assessments.

Tracking Data
Google Forms is great for keeping track of data. Centennial Mid-High is using a Google Form to keep track of technology issues, while Ms. Proffitt has her students fill out a Google Form when they need to leave her classroom.

Want more ideas on how you can use Google Forms in your classroom? Check out our Google Apps for Education site! You will find learning resources as well as ideas for using Forms and other Google tools in your classroom. As always, you can reach out to your ETS coach for additional support with Google Forms and all things tech-y.

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