August 20, 2015

PERK Cafe!

PERK Cafe (Providing Educators Relevant Knowledge) is an opportunity for all OKCPS educators and administrators to come together and collaborate on a variety of technology integration topics. Although technology focused, last year's sessions brought together a number of departments to provide teachers one on one professional learning on their terms.

Have questions about mobile device planning? Increasing interactivity in your classroom? Not sure how to use the latest tech tool? Or just starting down the technology integration path?  PERK is for you! The Educational Technology Services (ETS) department will again provide these opportunities for our educators and leaders to come together and hone their skills to better serve our students and community.

The first PERK Cafe will be on Wednesday, September 23rd, from 3pm-5pm at the ETS office in Douglass High School (room E139).  Mark you calendars now and watch for further information, soon!

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