August 25, 2015

Cell Phones, Differentiation, and Engagement!

Exciting things are happening all around OKCPS!  Here are some inspiring highlights from August 20-21.

Mr. Malik's Class at John Marshall Mid-High:

  • "Tech Headz" in each class - support peers, serve as experts, manage cell phone usage
  • students empowered and learning to use any and all resources, including books, computers, phones, and peer collaboration

Mr. Hubbard's Class at Douglass Mid-High:

  • clear expectations and procedures set for cell phone use in class
  • students given option to view lesson/notes on their cell phones (below - Financial Literacy)

Mrs. Massicotte's Class at John Marshall Mid-High:

  • large font, political cartoons, videos, and student notes... all in one lesson
  • open class discussion enhances every slide / note page

EdTech PD at Wheeler Community Learning Center:

  • OKCPS is learning to differentiate staff PD to meet the needs of our varied learner levels and experience
  • Wheeler staff participated in a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' on Google Drive, Forms, and Add-Ons, using Atomic Learning videos as their instruction

Want to learn how to try some of this with your class?  Contact your ETS Coach!

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