September 1, 2015

September 2015 GAFE Monthly Challenge

August 2015 GAFE Challenge
For the month of August, the challenge was to create and share a Google Doc. Here are a few ways OKCPS teachers completed the challenge.
Introduction to Google Docs for teachers.
Students working on a Google project.

September 2015 GAFE Challenge
For September, the challenge is to take Google with you wherever you go! 

Personalize your Chrome browser. Add 2 of your favorite bookmarks, add 2 extensions, add 2 apps, set a theme and personalize your settings.

Once you personalize your Chrome browser, share with us your favorite bookmarks, extensions or apps using the hashtag #okcpsgafe on Twitter.

Don't forget to use the OKCPS GAFE Resource site for more information.

Need some assistance, just contact your ETS Coach.

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