June 19, 2017

2017 Summer ETLC #3 - HyperDocs

Challenge #3 - HyperDocs

Challenge -
HyperDocs can replace worksheets by replacing the delivery of instruction in an innovative and engaging manner.

  1. Read about HyperDocs.
  2. Create a lesson on a unit of study using a HyperDoc. HERE is a YouTube video to help you get started.
  3. Then share a link to your HyperDoc on Twitter. Be sure to tell us the lesson title and use the hashtag #okcpsetlc.

Helpful Links:

You can also find all of the weekly challenges posted at bit.ly/SummerETLC

June 12, 2017

2017 Summer ETLC #2 - Flipgrid

Challenge #2 - Flipgrid

Challenge -
Flipgrid amplifies and empowers student voice. You can create questions or topics and then students response via video which provides each student an equal voice.

  1. Watch this video to introduce Flipgrid.
  2. Learn how to Record a Response in Flipgrid.
  3. Go to https://flipgrid.com/e57a3b and respond to the question by leaving your video answer.  
  4. Create your own Flipgrid account.
  5. Create a grid and then ask a question using a topic.
  6. Post a link on Twitter to your grid and ask other #okcpsetlc participants to respond to your question.
  7. Search the hashtag #okcpsetlc on Twitter and respond to other’s question on Flipgrid. Please respond to at least two (2).

Helpful Links:

You can also find all of the weekly challenges posted at bit.ly/SummerETLC

June 5, 2017

2017 Summer ETLC #1 - Twitter

Challenge #1 - Twitter

Challenge -
Twitter is a great way to build a PLN or personal learning network. This allows you to collaborate with educators from all around the world. Twitter also offers a wealth of resources on every topic under the sun!

  1. Create a Twitter account at www.twitter.com
  2. Complete your profile & change your egg to a picture.
  3. Introduce yourself on Twitter and use the hashtag #okcpsetlc.
  4. If you currently have a Twitter account, share with us the top 3 people you follow on Twitter and use the hashtag #okcpsetlc.
  5. Find any 5 people to follow. The ETS team, listed below, is a great place to start! ETS Team - @OKCPSETS, @nakellogg, @MGoviaEDU, @april2383, @Adriana8529, @tonymaxwell777
  6. If you are currently on Twitter, Please introduce yourself and then tweet a colleague and ask them to join and complete this Summer Ed Tech Learning Challenge with you!

Helpful Hints -
When creating a Twitter handle, remember to differentiate between professional and personal. This handle should represent you as a professional educator (@sweethoneybee probably does not say professional educator.)
Also, do not forget to search the hashtag #okcpsetlc to find other awesome OKCPS teachers to follow for resources and ideas during the Summer Ed Tech Learning Challenge.

Helpful Links:

Helpful Video Tutorials:

You can also find all of the weekly challenges posted at bit.ly/SummerETLC

May 30, 2017

The learning NEVER stops!

Looking for ways to improve your game for the upcoming school year?  The Educational Technology Services department has a couple of self-paced options for you to consider!

First is our Summer Ed Tech Learning Challenge, led by Mandy Govia! Beginning on June 5th and concluding June 30th, you will be given four challenge tasks to complete. Click the graphic below to learn more, then sign up in My LearningPlan!

Second is the Atomic Learning Summer Session! Beginning June 14th, Atomic Learning will email you tips and insights focused on relevant professional development topics.  Click the graphic below to learn more!

We hope you take advantage of these FREE opportunities.  Remember, the Educational Technology Services team will be available this summer at Douglass High School to assist you in planning amazing and engaging lessons! Contact a team member to make an appointment!

May 17, 2017

Summer Ed Tech Learning Challenge 2017

Surprise...your favorite summer professional development series is back! The Summer Ed Tech Learning Challenge is back again this summer!!!

The challenge starts on June 5th and will conclude on June 30th. The beauty of this professional development is you can complete the tasks anytime at a location of your choosing. 

This summer we have 4 challenge tasks, as well as a few bonus features added. Each week a new task will be delivered via blog post and Twitter, so be sure to bookmark the OKCPS Ed-Tech Blog site and follow us on Twitter at @OKCPSETS. Complete the task at your own pace over the course of the week. 

Here are a few clues as to what you will learn about this summer during the challenge.

Don't miss out...join the #okcpsetlc today!

Sign up in My Learning Plan today!
You must be signed up by June 5, 2017. All tasks must be completed by July 5th to receive credit.