April 1, 2016

How Do You Google?

How do you use Google in your classroom? Check out this article from Ditch that Textbook which has 20 activities for using Google Apps for classroom innovation. Here are just a few highlights from the article. 

1. Gallery Walks - Teachers can create a Google Site with activities for students to complete. Then, create QR codes and post them around the room. Students are then able to get up, move around the room, scan the QR codes and complete the activities.

2. Interactive Posters - Students and teachers can create a poster using Google Drawings, then add text, images and links to make the poster become interactive.

3. Virtual Manipulatives - Use Google Drawings to create digital manipulatives for students instead of having them cut out paper. 

4. Research Tools - Google Docs and Slides offer research tools to find quotes, scholarly articles, images and more. You can instantly insert your findings into your project. It will also add the citation of you resource in the footnote area.

5. Introduction to Blogging - Introduce your students to blogging by using Google Slides. Give each student one slide and let them write, reflect or create. Peers can add comments and help with editing. Then, put all the slides together and you have a classroom blog.

Don't forget to check out our OKCPS GAFE Resource Site or the OKCPS ETS webpage for more Google resources. Atomic Learning also offers many Google video tutorials for you to access anytime at any place.

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