September 13, 2017

Maker Movement: Makerspaces

What is a makerspace?

"Makerspace" is a term used to define a space that provides hands-on, creative ways to inspire students to think outside the box. It provides the opportunity to design, test, construct, and create based on problem-solving skills. Students are able to construct ideas and practice socialization skills, while engaging thought provoking tinkering, engineering, and other 21st-century skills. No one makerpace looks like the next, but the foundation is consistent across the board.

Maker Movement

The maker movement is changing the way we look at hands-on self-driven learning. Makerspaces are beginning to make the move out of libraries, museums, garages, and informal "faires" straight into K-12 classrooms. Advocates for hands-on, student-centered learning are in support of this fresh take on classroom experiences. Many educators are discovering student-lead learning is more impactful and long-lasting than a teacher-led classroom. The shift with the maker movement presents itself as a way to breathe fresh air into the 19th-century designed classrooms.

The World Economic Forum estimates 65% of the future's workforce doesn't even exist yet. One of the greatest skills students will need for a successful future, is complex problem-solving strategies. Other skills which are in great demand or have been highly rated include, but are not limited to, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and emotional intelligence. The maker movement is having a great impact on the notion of creation and problem-solving based learning.

Where do makerspaces come in you ask? As recently as 2015, the maker movement along with makerspaces was identified as being a top development in educational technology. The NMC Horizon Report for 2015 stated, "Makerspaces are increasingly being looked at as a method to engage learners in creative, high-order problem-solving with the use of hands-on design, construction, and iteration.' There is potential to effectively prepare students with necessary 21st-century skills through the use of makerspaces.

Jackson Enterprise Elementary School Makerspace


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