August 9, 2017

Personalizing Education for Our Students

What is Personalized Learning?

What is Summit Learning?
Summit Learning is a free program which provides schools with resources to personalize learning in the classroom. Currently, it is in over 300 schools, with 2,700 teachers, and 56,000 students in 40 states. The personalized learning takes place due to 1:1 mentorships, real-world projects, and individualized pathways or self-directed learning plans. Students are able to set goals and consume content in a way which works best for them.  

What Does Summit Learning Provide?

  • Flexible anytime/anyplace learning
  • Student-driven learning
  • Redefined and expanded teacher role
  • Master-based pacing
  • Project-based learning

What Does Summit Learning Look Like?
Summit Learning personalizes learning for students and empowers teachers to have multiple roles so everyone succeeds. 

Where is Summit Learning Happening?

Last year our district piloted Summit Learning in three elementary schools. This year Oklahoma City Public Schools is adding an additional two elementary schools and three middle schools. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts about Summit Learning as we spotlight more classrooms.

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