June 26, 2017

2017 Summer ETLC #4 - Adobe Spark

Challenge #4 - Adobe Spark

Challenge -
Adobe Spark helps make it easy to create engaging and inspiring graphics/videos in seconds. You can create web stories, animated videos on iPads, chromebooks or laptops.

  1. Select a unit of study/topic you will teach next year.
  2. Design a Post with a quote which represents a unit of study you teach.
  3. Create a Video introducing the unit of study you used in the Post above. Make sure you have 4-6 video cards and add narration.
  4. Build a Page about the unit of study. Then add the Post and Video you created above.
  5. Share the link to your Page on Twitter. Be sure to share the title of your project as well as use the hashtag #okcpsetlc.

Helpful Links:

You can also find all of the weekly challenges posted at bit.ly/SummerETLC

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