June 12, 2017

2017 Summer ETLC #2 - Flipgrid

Challenge #2 - Flipgrid

Challenge -
Flipgrid amplifies and empowers student voice. You can create questions or topics and then students response via video which provides each student an equal voice.

  1. Watch this video to introduce Flipgrid.
  2. Learn how to Record a Response in Flipgrid.
  3. Go to https://flipgrid.com/e57a3b and respond to the question by leaving your video answer.  
  4. Create your own Flipgrid account.
  5. Create a grid and then ask a question using a topic.
  6. Post a link on Twitter to your grid and ask other #okcpsetlc participants to respond to your question.
  7. Search the hashtag #okcpsetlc on Twitter and respond to other’s question on Flipgrid. Please respond to at least two (2).

Helpful Links:

You can also find all of the weekly challenges posted at bit.ly/SummerETLC

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