January 30, 2017

Flexible Spaces; Flexible Learning

Ms. Smith, a 6th grade teacher at Jackson Enterprise Elementary, has created a learning environment with flexible seating options. The students are participating in the Summit Learning Program, which means they are in a 1:1 environment with Chromebooks. 
The students come to class and are allowed to choose where they sit to complete their assignments. Some students choose to sit at a table to collaborate with peers, while others may select a bean bag chair. Another option students have is to complete their work at tall tables or at floor tables. This arrangement allows for students to work independently or to work collaboratively in a group.

Check out this video from Albemarle County Public Schools about their transformation to flexible learning spaces. 

Now that you have seen how a 6th grade class is using flexible learning spaces in OKCPS as well as the video from Albemarle County Public Schools, share with us in the comments section your thoughts about flexible learning spaces.


  1. Thank you so much for showing my great students! This really changes the way of teaching as well as learning. I want to take a moment to thank DonorsChoose.org for making the seating possible! Generous donors, as well as the Foundation for Teachers in Oklahoma, made the seating possible for my students. The thank-you letters the students wrote mentions over and over again about how they feel comfortable, as if they were at home, while learning on the Summit platform. With the Summit Learning Program coupled with flexible seating, our attendance has surpassed previous years! The students absolutely love coming to school. Not only attendance, but mastery in their grade level standards with a lot of collaboration. Students do not just help their friends, they help each other in everything! - Mrs. Smith