October 31, 2016

2016 Hour of Code: Unplugged Coding

What is coding? 
Coding makes it possible to create apps, websites and other computer software. Anyone can learn to code! It's just like learning another language. 

Why should we teach coding? 

Computer programming is one of the top paying college degrees, and computer science jobs are growing twice as fast as other jobs. 

What is "Unplugged Coding?"

This week the Hour of Code Cohort explored Unplugged Coding or coding without technology. We learned and explored programming, debugging, and more all without a tech device! The teachers completed a programming activity where they created an algorithm with only six directions. Then the "robot" worked through the code. After errors were found in the code, the team had to debug their program to correct the errors and then the "robot" could re-run the program. Let's just say this was MUCH harder than it appeared and there was a lot of debugging taking place!

Unplugged Coding Resources

The next Hour of Code Cohort meeting is Wednesday, November 2 from 4-5 pm. Sign up in My Learning Plan to join the fun and engaging world of coding!

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