August 24, 2016

Math Teaching Spotlight: Norfar @ NWC

Great teaching and learning is not about one tool or approach.  Technology and digital tools should be embedded in our classrooms to increase engagement, efficiency, and effecitveness.

If you observed Mrs. Telannia Norfar's math class at Northwest Classen High School today, you would have seen:

Student-generated norms for both the teacher and the students.  

A lesson and resources that reflect tremendous thought and preparation.

Technology-supported, data-driven instruction.
Students answered the Bell Work question using technology. 
(Just a few tools you could use for this: Plickers, SMART Response Clickers, Socrative)

The resulting data drove Norfar's instruction as she built the bridge between the opener and the day's workshop.

Constructive Struggle
Norfar facilitated a constructive struggle opportunity for her students, in which they were given ample time to think, brainstorm, and discuss a problem (coming up with possible real-life scenarios for a piecewise function displayed on a graph).  From the beginning, she prepared and encouraged the students, so they knew they might struggle and need extra time to think. After thinking on their own, they would be able to work in pairs for support.

Intentional Questioning
As students worked, Norfar walked around the room but only asked questions.  She prepared students that she would be doing this, since the focus for this part of the workshop was on thinking rather than finding the perfect/correct answer. 

Student Collaboration and Leadership
Yes, even secondary students should interact with the SMART Board!

Inspired by Mrs. Norfar?  We are too!  So, if you have a goal for your teaching or class, contact your EdTech Coach for ideas on tech tools that can help you achieve it!

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