July 18, 2016

Ready for School ETLC Week 3 (Part 1) - Google Classroom

Google Classroom is only available to schools who participate in Google Apps for Education (GAFE). This tool can be used for online class discussions, announcements, assignment distribution and grading, and an automatic assignment calendarTeachers of students as young as Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade are using Google Classroom for efficiency, increased engagement, and to save money on ink and paper. Some schools are also using Google Classroom with their staff to keep everyone informed or have staff participate in professional development such as a book study.

If you created a class website for last week's EdTech Challenge, you may be wondering why you would want a Google Classroom.  Not only does Google Classroom provide privacy (only those invited to join or given a special code can access a particular classroom), but it also has the ability for students/participants to submit assignments and the teacher/facilitator to grade them.

Here is your challenge:
1. Create a class on Google Classroom.
     a. Log into your OKCPS Google Drive account.
     b. Click on the Google Apps button (9 squares in the top right-hand corner).
     c. Click "more."
     d. Click on the Google Classroom link.
2. Create a class. (TB1, Algebra 1, Kindergarten, Cheerleaders) You can create as many classes as you want. 
3. Tweet out how you are going to use Google Classroom with your class next year. Include the hashtag: #okcpsetlc 

Take a look at these resources to help you!
OKCPS Atomic Learning Tutorials (search for Google Classroom)
Features and Benefits of Google Classroom
20 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom 

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