May 30, 2016

Week 1 - #OKCPSetlc - Twitter

Twitter & PLN
Challenge -
Twitter is a great way to build a PLN or personal learning network. This allows you to collaborate with educators from all around the world. Twitter also offers a wealth of resources on every topic under the sun!

  1. Create a Twitter account at
  2. Complete your profile & change your egg to a picture.
  3. Introduce yourself on Twitter and use the hashtag #okcpsetlc.
  4. If you currently have a Twitter account, share with us the top 3 people you follow on Twitter and use the hashtag #okcpsetlc.
  5. Find any 5 people to follow. The ETS team is listed below.
    1. ETS Team - @nakellogg, @jlgathright, @ardaughty, @J_Shaff, @MGreenEDU, @OKCPSETS, @TamiShaw2614, @GOruthie. @april2383

Helpful Hints -

When creating a Twitter handle, remember to differentiate between professional and personal. This handle should represent you as a professional educator (@sweethoneybee probably does not say professional educator.)

Also, do not forget to search the hashtag #okcpsetlc to find other awesome OKCPS teachers to follow for resources and ideas!

Here are some other links to help!

Here are some short video tutorials to help too!

1 comment:

  1. When I first joined Twitter last year, it helped me to know I didn't have to 'participate' right away. You can just follow some interesting folks to get ideas and be up to date on trends, news, etc.

    It's OK to start by standing ankle deep on the shore. Look out at the ocean and appreciate it. In time, you'll likely want to dive in for a swim, but there's no rush.

    So, take the first step... dip your toe in the water... create an account and follow a few people.