October 6, 2015

Roosevelt Teachers Rockin’ Awesomeness Ahead of iPad Initiative!

Roosevelt Middle School has just received a sizable shipment of iPad carts and iPads via its School Improvement Grant (SIG)! Technically, the school is now 1:1; however, Roosevelt Middle School has much work ahead before Roosevelt’s iPad Infusion and Transformation becomes the success everyone anticipates it will become.

It has been said (in so many words) that technology does not transform an average teacher into a great teacher; rather great teachers use technology to do great things to enhance the learning of their students!

While there are many great teachers in the Oklahoma City Public Schools and at Roosevelt Middle School in particular: a couple of Roosevelt teachers rockin’ awesomeness ahead of the iPad initiative and mountain of work in front of both Roosevelt’s teachers and building administrators are Visual Arts Teacher, Ms. Samantha Kickingbird and Science Teacher, Dr. Stephanie Toney!

Ms. Samantha Kickingbird, Roosevelt MS Visual Arts Teacher

Ms. Kickingbird has been caught in the act of being good with technology...using iPads, TED videos, Google Classroom and more with her students in her Visual Arts classes! “In my class we are using the iPads primarily for Google Classroom and research/reference.  Periodically, I ask students to take a picture of their unfinished work and submit it so I can assess their progress.  Once assignments are complete, they are again photographed and turned in through Google classroom, along with a written statement about their work, and the level of mastery they believe they have attained as demonstrated by the work.  I am then able to send comments about their work to them.  We are in the process of phasing this system in for all of my classes. Once the students become accustomed to this process, it will help to make them more accountable for their work, and also more self sufficient, which is a great life skill in and of itself.”


Dr. Stephanie Toney, Roosevelt MS Science Teacher
In Dr. Toney’s Science class, “Students create models to demonstrate how light rays allow us to see objects.”

“Students relate pixels in newsprint to the way televisions transmit pictures.”

“Students learn that collaboration increases learning.”

“Using Chromebooks during Saturday school allows students to enrich their learning.”

“Using Chromebooks and Google Classroom allows students to collaborate in the classroom and from home.”

“Using a light meter to measure light reflection off of different surfaces.”

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