January 11, 2017

The Elements of an iStory

Third grade students at Thelma R. Parks Elementary have been working hard on become digital citizens. As you might see, students are using the iPads to create videos of understanding of their learning. Using the apps Camera, Photo Booth, Educreations and Stop Motion, students are given voice and choice to analyze their work, then synthesize and provide a quality project. 

Their big idea is to create a movie with all of the elements of a story. The opening event was a clip of the Lego Movie. We discussed how the movie was made and how a quality story takes preparation, planning and multiple drafts. The students asked many questions on how to create the best possible story which produced great inquiry-based learning.

In the end, we'll have "Celebration Presentation" day, with popcorn and snacks, that will showcase their work. Soon these students will be experts and will move on to even greater things!

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