May 10, 2016

If They Build It, They Will Learn

Have you ever had the thought, "I just wish I had time to 'play' with it so I can understand." Well, Jackson Enterprise Elementary School has created a space where students and staff can do just that!

With Principal Patrick Duffy's vision and grants, Jackson Enterprise has created a Makerspace. What is a Makerspace? A Makerspace is a place where people can gather to create, invent, play, and learn. The Makerspace at Jackson Enterprise contains blocks, sand, littleBits, cubelets, Legos, Giant Roller Ramps, Snap Circuits, Magna-Tiles, Linking Cubes, Marble Runs, a few different Rube Goldberg activities, and much more! Several teachers were able to take their classes to the space this nine weeks to try everything out. Students beg their teachers to let them stay "just 5 more minutes!" 

If you are interested in learning more about Makerspaces or ideas for implementing one in your classroom or school, please take a look at this link or contact your ETS Coach!

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