October 26, 2015

iPads and Coding, Oh My!

Just before Fall Break, a few teachers discovered new iPad apps to use to teach coding. Graphite provides excellent reviews for many apps as well as reviews and recommendations. Below are a few of the apps we explored.

Hopscotch - Hopscotch is a free app designed for students in grades 2-8. This app offers easy to use commands as well as colorful characters to keep students engaged.

Scratch - Scratch offers a drop and drag feature to help new coders build success. It is a free app designed for students in grades K-2.

Tynker - With Tynker, students learn coding through the use of visual code blocks. The app offers a free and paid version and is best for students in grades 4-8.

There are many more apps out there to learn coding. Our next Hour of Code class will be Wednesday, October 28th at Douglass High School from 4-5pm in room E139. Please join us!

Want to learn more about coding? Contact your ETS Coach!

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