September 8, 2015

Can they do it? YES THEY CAN!

Kindergarten students at Eugene Field, Hawthorne, and Linwood have been working hard on practicing how to log into a computer. As you might see (in the pictures above and video below), students are using paper keyboards, real keyboards with the cords cut off, and the keyboard on the SMART Board to find the necessary letters/numbers/keys needed to log into a computer. Soon these students will be experts (and will not need their login cards) and they will move on to more fun things like Word and PowerPoint.
Here is a sample of a login card:
(As a former Kindergarten teacher, I DO NOT like having to write student names in all capital letters, however in reality, that is what students need to see in order to begin to quickly locate the keys on the keyboard.)
This SMART Notebook file contains ideas and keyboards you can print out to send home with students or use in the classroom.

On the computers students will be using, it is helpful to put stickers on the common keys they will need to push: Ctrl, Alt, Delete, Shift, Enter and the Period keys. On the example below, you can see that Ctrl, Alt, Delete have the same sticker so students will know to push those keys together at the same time.
If you are interested in preparing your young students for their future, please contact your ETS Coach!


  1. I never thought of stickers on the keyboard! Great idea!

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  3. If your school has Chromebooks or Chromeboxes, the student login would be Also, on the Chromebooks the keys are all lowercase. If your school uses both Chromebooks and PCs, then one side of the index card could be the login information for a Chromebook and the other side would be their login information for desktop computers or laptops.